Sr. Credit Analyst - Commercial Lending

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Sr. Credit Analyst - Commercial Lending

Evendale, Ohio



Direct Placement

Job Description

General Summary

A Sr. Credit Analyst will provide oversight, guidance and leadership to the analyst team which would include driving consistency into work products to ensure appropriate level of credit analysis is completed commensurate with the risk involved with the loan and to ensure that the appropriate methods of credit analysis are being utilized. Providing timely feedback and guidance to both new and experienced analysts on areas of improvement and areas that require additional feedback.

 Job Dutiessential

  • Assign loans based on analyst’s background, experience, and workload to ensure an adequate level of credit analysis is performed.
  • Identifying areas to improve, enhance or further train analysts.
  • Grooming the analyst team to be prepared for credit approval authority.
  • Manages the loan approval, review, documentation, and collateral evaluation processes to ensure compliance with policies and government regulations.
  • Manages credit approval – lending authority will be granted to Sr. Credit Analyst.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Must understand and comply with all required federal and state regulations associated with this position.
  • Must be able to speak and understand fluent English.


5 to 7+ years of experience in commercial loan underwriting Formal credit risk training or completion of a credit risk certification (Omega or RMA Credit Risk Certification preferred). Experience and expertise commensurate with the size, level of risk and complexity of the loan decisions being approved. Bachelor’s degree in business administration, Finance or Accounting preferred MBA is a plus. 



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